The air cargo industry is one of the booming industries of the century and is making global trade and economics much more common in today’s world. Currently, transportation through the air is the standard for shipments of low volume and high value – but there are plenty of other advantages of air freight to consider:

  • Speed – You want your cargo shipped as fast as possible. That’s obvious. But seas freight and road shipments take a lot of time to get where they are going. When your precious cargo needs to find its destination ASAP, utilizing air freight is the smartest option.
  • Destinations – One of the best reasons to utilize air freight for imports and exports is the sheer number of destinations that air shipping allows for. Opening up your shipment to a global network gives you the ability to send/receive cargo from (almost) anywhere, giving you access to the largest possible business network.
  • Security – This one is important. Air freight offers a higher level of security compared to other avenues of shipping. Cargo safety is more scrutinized and managed by airport safety controls, meaning that your shipment will faced a lower risk of exposure to damage or theft along its route.
  • Reliability – Road and sea transport is known to get “stuck in the mud” sometimes, so to speak, and it’s hard to put your faith in these options when your priority is getting your shipment to its destination on time. For air freight however, the departure and arrival times are entirely more reliable. Airlines are held to a strict schedule – and even one or two missed flights wouldn’t derail your shipment, seeing that there are usually departing flights every hour.
  • Savings – A big-time reason you should consider air freight is the low insurance premiums. Even though shipping through the air can be expensive sometimes, the transportation timeline is often much shorter than traditional methods, leading to savings on insurance costs.
  • Efficiency – We touched on how importing and exporting through air freight will save you time on transportation, but in the same vein, you can expect to save on warehousing and packaging costs too. Cutting costs off additional packing for seas and road transport and reducing the need for local warehousing will save you more money in the long run.

Make the smart decision for your business and your wallet and ship through the air. Specialty Freight Services can help you save big on clearance, inspection, packaging and handling costs all at once. Time definite freight delivery to anywhere in the world will help propel your business to new heights and change the way you handle international imports and exports.

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