An ELD is an electronic logging device that enables truck drivers and carriers to track Hours of Service (HOS).

The ELD must:

  • Display a RODS (record of duty status) for drivers to see hours in a day graphically
  • Attach to a truck’s engine to recording truck motion.
  • Supply standard data that can be transmitted to law officials.
  • Be Provider-Certified
  • Allow the driver to log in and select options like on-duty, on-duty (not driving) or off duty.

This rule will impact approximately 3.1 million vehicles in the U.S., according to the FMCSA.

Here are the top seven benefits of the ELD rule, according to eldfacts /

  1. More Money:

Less paper work equals more time and more time equals more money. With the ELD rule in place drives will add 5-10 hours a week of drive time. The additional miles plus reduced diesel and less burden means stronger profits.

  1. Vehicle Characteristics:

ELDs actively monitor any vehicle maintenance issues and if found send out alerts and reporter to trucking companies leading to higher efficiency and stronger productivity.

  1. Stronger Communication:

ELDs improve communication by removing unnecessary communication. ELDs keep drive to dispatcher interaction to minimum allowing the trucker to drive more seamlessly and stress-free on the road.

  1. Driving History:

With EDLs, companies now have access to documented driver history. These files can provide higher salaries as well as potential incentive programs to drivers within each company.

  1. Accident Documentation:

Car accidents happen and in the case it does, this logging device can capture necessary technical information of the accident before, during and after it happens.

  1. Maximizing Safety:

According to an estimate done by the FMCSA, ELDs will prevent 562 injuries annually. By issuing trucker warnings, offering road ride assistant and providing efficient route management, truck to road safety will be at a maximum.

  1. Eliminates Unnecessary Paperwork:

Paper Driver Logs, HOS Logs, Tax Reports, etc., all eliminated with the help of ELDs. Hours of paperwork eliminated with the help of one device so that truckers can get back to doing what they do best; drive.







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